About Me

Hello - Lovely to meet you !

 I’m Jann and I guess I am best described as a Yogi, Traveller, Earth Lover & enthusiastic Liver of Life.  A confirmed believer that we can do SO much more than we ever believe in our lives - and Im definitely a confirmed believer in miracles!

I am a Yoga & Energy Medicine Teacher and Therapist and lover of all things Holistic, Herbal, Organic and Natural and I’m a life long passionate supporter of The Healing Arts that are rooted in our Ancient Wisdoms of Massage, Dancing, Sound, Singing, Drumming, Painting, Meditating, Coming together in circle.  I truly feel we are happiest when we are able to create and express our true inner selves and our feelings - taking time to relax, come together and let go!

It’s through these gentle, nourishing practices that I offer you a supportive and joyous way to reduce the stress of modern life and reconnect you with your normal balance of harmony and peace and FUN!
I would love to share with you some of the extraordinary experiences and deeply healing paths I have walked and show you how deeply transformational and empowering they can be.
I also have a special interest in working with people who suffer from trauma, stress. PTSD, anxiety, low self confidence and chronic pain – sometimes as a result of long term or acute illness for example stroke or heart attack or injury.

For 2017, I plan to hold a various group workshops  and also plan to start the Beginners Running Groups and Yoga, Exercise & Healthy Eating courses for 'Being your happiest weight'  groups too.  

I plan to hold Pain clinics and community clinics where people can come and have healing - where normally they maybe wouldn't be able to afford private holistic therapy.  

And I will be supporting 2 or 3 charities each year through our events ( details soon)


I am passionate about empowering ourselves for our own health and wellbeing.  Making our lives as good as they can possibly be. I always think that if you are breathing – then you can do Yoga and make big changes by supporting yourself with gentle but powerful holistic therapies.  For me, Yoga and all these wonderful creative therapies have been life changing and I hope it can be for you too.

Hope to meet you soon