Divinely Feminine Wisdom Circle

One of my most passionate paths and deepest longings of this lifetime has been to reconnect with the deep well of Ancient Feminine Wisdom – that lived deeply buried, hidden in my heart under a mountain of false beliefs and patriarchal rules. And it is in celebration of this joyous freedom of rediscovery and connection and the recognition of it in the hearts of all my Sisters that I offer you the quiet, safe and nurturing space to come home to YOU.
To your own True Wise, Strong, Creative Nature.

A time to come together with like minded Sisters to reflect and explore, share and express freely, learn and support in witness of our perfectly Divine selves.

Following Intuition we may include any of the following in our Circles:


  • Yoga
  • Movement & Dance & Drumming
  • Music & Quiet time
  • Meditation & Chant
  • Singing & Circle Sharing
  • Journelling, Poetry Writing – expressing in words.
  • Massage
  • Medicine Drum Making
  • Raw Juices
  • Sharing Food
  • Astrology
  • Sound Healing
  • Gong Baths
  • Cacao Ceremonies. Heart Opening with Sacred Plant Medicine
  • Deep Radical Rest for your Soul