Sound Healing & Gong Baths

Sound is a vibration that touches every part of our being. It is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our body. Every minute of every day we are affected by the Sound of the World around us - too often in a chaotic, intrusive way - which can be draining and tiring.  Imagine how sounds like a babbling brook and bird song or wind rushing through trees sounds...How does that make you feel?  Much more relaxed!

Every organism has its own vibration and unique resonance – it plays its own sound so you could think of our bodies as a unique symphony – and the orchestra is all our organs and cells creating the notes.    Sometimes that symphony can play out of tune – if we have been under too much pressure or lacked the time to renew and replenish ourselves.

Sound healing addresses this need. As our bodies and minds hear the vibration of the sound – they begin to unwind and relax deeply allowing the space for healing to take place.

Gong Baths or Sound Journeys as I like to think of them – bathe you for about an hour in the most delicious and relaxing sounds from Ancient Tribal World Instruments for example Didgeridoos, Flutes, Drums and Shakers along with Singing Bowls and Voice, Chant and Mantra.  As you rest deeply in your nest, allowing the sound waves to relax and rejuvenate you, taking you on an inner journey far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life – your body can find that space to totally let go and to heal where it needs.

Sound is perfect for emotional and mental strain too – the body & brain recognising the high resonance and intent of these vibrational waves and raising  (or entraining) its own resonance to match that higher level of vibration. The vibration of the gong for example can create a deep meditative state altering the brain waves from Beta ( waking state) to Delta (deep meditation state) – and this is where we access the deeper subconscious and where deep healing and relaxation can occur.

  • Sound healing available for individuals as needed.
  • Regular Gong Baths/Sound Journeys pre arranged dates usually for groups (but can be arranged for individuals on requested)
  • Can be incorporated into a Sound or Yoga event or a talk.
  • Please ask if you need help or advice.

We encourage you to bring along cushions and pillows, sleeping bags and duvets – THIS is seriously relaxing!!

And we usually ground ourselves afterwards with Tea & Cake!